BetterTouchTool - Call Macros & Macro Groups with AppleScript

Hello BetterTouchTool users,

I always use BetterTouchTool gestures to call Keyboard Maestro macros or macro group / palettes.
Since I want to avoid too many shortcuts or other triggers in Keyboard Maestro, I use the integrated AppleScript.

You can see how I create such a workflow in this video. At the end of the video I also show the workflow, with the macros I created to make it easier to create the BetterTouchTool gestures.

This is the macro that contains the template for creating the KM AppleScript for the BTT gesture:

BTT_#G.kmmacros (2,0 KB)

These are the macros from the Keyboard Maestro palette shown. If you have already created such a palette, add my macros there:

#Keyboard Maestro Macros.kmmacros (394,4 KB)

Then have fun and let me know how things are going with you :wink:

If someone has suggestions for improvements to the macros, then always use them.
You never learn from :nerd_face:


Interesting, I got pretty much the same setup, just without the creation macros. You must have thousands of App specific Gestures that you thought you have to make a macro for this =).

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Actually less than you @Julian_Steinmann think :wink:

Since I mainly work with macro groups = pallets, this is limited.
For each app (Mail, Safari, Finder, KM etc.) I use a palette that only works in the activated app.
So I use over 50 Apps / Programs with only one and the same BTT gesture (3 Finger Swipe right) on the Magic Trackpad.

It was important for me that I don't have to remember any shortcuts or other triggers.
I also have some Launchbar actions in which I also integrate the KM AppleScript...

I take my hat off to the users who mainly control their KM workflow with shortcuts.


If you've seen my video tutorial on the floating HTML menu @Julian_Steinmann, you also know why I created extra macros to use the AppleScripts macro in BTT.

And I didn't have to assign a shortcut or other trigger in KM :wink: