BPM Macro (v11.0.3), for calculating the Beats Per Minute of a song

This macro is designed to help you determine the Beats Per Minute of a song that you are listening to. It runs continuously in the background and displays the BPM based on your rate of tapping the Home key. After two seconds of inactivity, it assumes you have stopped measuring and will reset its data. That works quite effectively.

It is designed to show its results in a Display Progress window, which continuously runs when the macro is enabled. If you want to stop the macro, you should disable it manually and then cancel any running version of it. That's how I like it to work, but if you want to change the design, feel free.

My original intent was to have this code work by analyzing the volume of a song over time, but that turned out to be much more complicated. So this approach seemed helpful in the meantime.

BPM Macro (v11.0.3)

BPM.kmmacros (9.9 KB)