[Bug] Hotkeys Triggers Disappear from Time to Time

I've been having this bug for some months, unsure how to reproduce:

The shortcut keys disappear from time to time.

Big Sur
KM 9.2

I've seen that too, but from what I've seen the normally assigned hotkey still works as it should. If I click in the box the hotkey reappears.

I reported this in this forum in December 2020 when Peter said he’d had no other reports of the problem.

Maybe now @peternlewis will take another look at it?

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Thanks Tiffle!

Export the XML of the Macro Group and see what it shows for the hot key.

Check in the various Keyboard Maestro Revisions in the Keyboard Maestro revisions folder in the Keyboard Maestro Preferences folder (~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro) and see if the macro group has changed.