Can I arrange group macros in palette view any way I want and not alphabetically?

Or at least introduce gaps in between some macros so it's easier to see. Thanks!

Put a two digit number at the head of the Macro’s name followed by a bracket. This number will not show in the Palette but will allow you to order the Macros as you want.

Using a space (single tap on spacebar) after the bracket allows you to make blanks.


01)My Macro
03)A Macro
04)Another Macro

Will display on the Palette as:

My Macro

A Macro
Another Macro

And to be clear, the one that is called “02) “ is “02)space” and is a Macro that does nothing. So, make a new Macro in the group but don’t put any Action in it - just name it “02) “ or any other number.

You can order up to 100 macros this way.

EDIT: And to really make use of this @DanThomas has made the great Palette Organiser Macro. Link to it is in @cdthomer's post below.

Wow thank you SO much Zabobon! Works like a charm. Peter should be very proud of the community in this forum. You guys are the best.

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Here’s is another macro by Dan Thomas that works similarly.

palette organizer


Ah yes. I realise that's the one I use too. I hadn't realised Dan Thomas had made two Macros to organize Palettes when I looked for the link. I've edited my post to avoid confusion.

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I wasn’t aware either until I read your comment and clicked your link. I thought it was the same one I use until I started looking through the screenshots. I had to find the one I downloaded and use split screen to see both of them side by side to realize they were two separate macros :sweat_smile:

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Silly question but after I select that macros I want renumbered, how do I launch the "palette organizer" macro? I have it inside KM already, I just don't know how to run it. Thanks!

You just have to assign it a trigger. For me I assigned it to a button on my Stream Deck but you might find a hot key trigger to work well for you.

Thank you! I had done that before but the group the macro was in was disabled by accident. Works great now!