Can I assign a shortcut to the global macro group?

The global macro palette moves every time it is opened which I is very annoying and interferes with my workflow.
Forum members tried to help me solve the issue. I have been working on it for a month and found no solution.
I would now simply like to be able to make the palette appear by a keyboard shortcut but find no way to do so.
thanks for your time and help

The built-in Global Macro Group appears to have attributes which can't be modified. In that case, you'll likely want to create a new Macro Group which is (1) Available In All Applications and (2) Shows A Palette when a hot key is pressed. Once that is done, you can move (by dragging) or copy (by Option-dragging) the macros currently in the Global Macro Group to your just-created macro group. Something like this: Global Macro Group

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yes, it makes sense.
Thanks very much for helping me find a solution !

I just realized that the objective is to get the global macro palette off my screen.
After having done the above, how do I get rid of the global macro palette ?
I cannot find anything to that effect in the preferences.
thank you

You need to remove the global macro palette trigger from all of the macros that use it, or disable those macros. Searching for "global" in the editor while selecting the "All Macros" smart group should surface them. If you want to efficiently delete and/or reassign triggers, I made a group of macros to do that which you can find here:

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great ! thanks very much