Can I hide the KM logo in the native app switcher when the editor is closed? (Quiet Art Defaulter)

Editor is closed but engine is always running. Can I prevent KM from showing in the app switcher? I'm pretty sure this used to be the norm but at sound point in the past couple years the KM logo became ever-present.

macOS 12.5.1
KM 11.0.2

This behaviour does not occur on an older workstation running macOS 10.14.6 and KM10.

This is my app switcher:

No sign of KM there so my guess is you've just minimised the KM Editor and not quit it completely.

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I'm using the native macOS app switcher. If it has a different name then I don't know what to call it.

So am I ... now - see above :grinning:

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Thanks. The editor isn't minimized. The icon persists in my app switcher when I close the windows using cmd+W or by clicking the red dot in the upper-left window corner.

I use the native app switcher, in addition to our own Witch window switcher, and KM isn't listed there unless the editor has an open (or open and minimized) window.

If you open Activity Monitor and search for Keyboard Maestro, what do you see? If the editor is truly quit, it should look like this:

When the editor is running, here's what I see:



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You need to use Q in KM

Thanks for your reply.
With the editor closed I sill see Keyboard Maestro in the Activity Monitor, not just the engine.

The icon persists even after quitting the editor. If I tab to it via the App Switcher then the editor window reappears.

Yep, the app is definitely still running—it's the second entry on the list. Make sure you use Command-Q to quit.


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Quitting via the menu bar or by cmd+Q is no different than closing the editor window. The editor continues running and the icon persists in my App Switcher.

If it were me, I'd try a reboot, as that's really bizarre.

Also, on my Macs, I don't see any way to close the KM Editor window(s) and yet leave the KM Editor running—when I close the last Editor window, the Editor quits, and I don't see any setting that controls that.


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This has been ongoing for a while. Rebooting has no effect.
Appreciate you both taking the time to troubleshoot with me. Maybe I need @peternlewis to weigh in?

At this point, I'd say yea, as this seems really weird, and not like anything I've seen before nor heard of from others.


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I see the same as Rob. It's not the usual beviour...

No idea. If you quit Keyboard Maestro, then the Keyboard Maestro editor quits and wont be listed in the Activity Monitor and wont appear in the system application switcher.

I have no idea why it is not quitting. Get an Activity Monitor sample of it? See what it is doing. Maybe it is stuck trying to do something.

Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure what you mean by Activity Monitor Sample. I can provide a log file or a screen recording if that would help?

EDIT: Figured it out. Attached samples of engine and editor here.
20231213 Sample of Keyboard Maestro Engine and (76.7 KB)

Please summarise your conclusion here, in order to help anyone who may later be looking for an answer to the same problem.

What I figured out was how to save a 'sample' from Activity Monitor.


Oh, I see! :laughing:

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