Can I pick from conflict palette using up/down keys?

I’m new to KM, but have already valued macros from this forum. One thing seems strange to me, though: when there’s a conflict and the little ‘palette’ pops up, I can’t seem to select the item I want with up/down keys. I now realise I can hit the highlighted letter instead, but up/down might require less thought.

The palettes in Keyboard Maestro does not have keyboard focus or a selection, so there is no concept of “up / down selection”.

You can also activate them by position (i.e. type 1, 2, 3, etc.), which might be more intuitive if the palette only has a few entries.

I use the conflict palette intentionally, as a design feature, with names that follow Tom's post above.
I've found it a quick, easy way to select macros any time, not just when a conflict/mistake happens.

Here is a thread about naming macros for easy selection:

No, I didn’t mean naming them with numbers.
You can select them by position 1, 2, 3 etc., that is, even if the names don’t start with a number.

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I didn’t know that!
Thank you.