Can I Upload A Video To The Macro Library?

Would it be appropriate to upload a video to the Macro Library, as an mp4, url or other format (in addition to uploading the image and macro) ?

Go ahead, 'make my day': ...Someone dare say "No." :blush:

(Gee, I hope people are familiar with that Clint Eastwood line...I'm just kidding (sorry ...bad joke) :blush:

Reason I ask: I just spent gads of hours writing 2 ridiculously long macros. (1) The first one is prep for the second. It opens Safari to all YouTube Videos of Handpan music posted on the internet (hundred of thousands of videos). And it's triggered by a click to a tiny icon floating on the desktop.

(2) The second macro downloads the vid as an mp4 file, stores & categorizes it in the folder of your choice, and opens it in Quick Time––and then plays the video in full screen mode (not from the Internet but) from the mp4 file sitting on your drive and in the process, it quits Safari. You wind up watching the vid you just downloaded to your computer. This second macro is also triggered by one click to a handpan icon, floating on the desktop. (I suppose the long name for this macro would be "Download YouTube Video, Store In A Folder, Quit Browser, Open The Video In QT and Play It In Full Screen Mode" (...shrug)

JimmyHartington - who recently posted the 'Download YouTube Macro' in the Macro Library - did the real work (I so much appreciate his macro - I've been wanting to do that for years...). I just expanded on his work

To be honest, I'm excited about what these macros can do. They're mostly KM but I make use of Butler (another OSX automator) as well. I hope to create a library of lovely music - and I can watch the musicians play their instruments in full screen mode - all with two clicks!). So, I figured, if I posted a short (10 or 15 second) vid, people can see the macros in action, what they actually do.

I tried searching the forum and couldn't find anything on it and so, I'll tentatively assume, it's a 'no-no.' I will of course post the macro itself.

(As a quick aside, as a rule, I don't read or participate in Internet forums, but I love this one. (I loved KM when it was a toddler and now, after a 10 or 15 year hiatus, I'm just as riveted... thank you to everyone for their amazing work...The work on this site makes me think, technology can be used for a greater good. It's inspiring! I look forward to a reply...(make may day... :wink:

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It would be best to upload your video to YouTube (or other online video service), and then post a link to it in the KM forum.

I don't believe the Discourse forum software will allow video files to be uploaded.

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did you edit out the title and body of my question?

I edited only the title to make it more representative of your question.

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isn't that subjective? There was nothing offensive, it was three words, and it was attention grabber - and a few lines down it was clear, it added humor.

please, unless there's something that clearly needs to be flagged, or is obviously irrelevant don't do that

i'll email peter - you're obviously not responding - and will abide by his decision

no response?

Yes it is subjective, but it is best to keep your topic title on point and remove extraneous “attention grabbing” as that just distracts from the title and any other topics which are equally important, as well as reducing the utility of search tools (for example your topic scores highly for the word “make” which is frequently used in AppleScript and not applicable here).

As @JMichaelTX says, it is probably best to post videos to YouTube and then embed/link them here, mostly for a space reason (eventually the server is going to run out of space and then I'll either have to pay more or remove unneeded stuff).

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Thank you for that feedback. I may have over-reacted and wanted mention as much to JMichaelTc - but didn't know if there was a way to back channel a quick message privately. The other point that comes to mind: I'm a writer. I'm not sure if that's standard practice to just edit messages w/o saying anything to the person posting it. I guess a warning or feedback would have been appreciated.

Anyway, ni ill will on my part. I'm glad I'm more aware of the rules. (Make my day...)

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Is there a way to send brief messages to other members privately? Here's (part of) my response to Peter's recent post (to me).

Thanks for the feedback. I may have over-reacted and wanted mention as much to JMichaelTX - but didn't know if there was a way to back channel a quick message privately. One other point: I'm a writer. I'm not sure if that's standard practice to just edit messages w/o saying something to the person posting it. (It was a bit of a shock) I guess a warning or feedback would have been appreciated.

Anyway, no ill will on my part. I'm glad I'm more aware of the rules.

You can direct message folks to send a private message. If you click the Flag icon, there is an option to send them a message about their post.

Alternatively if you click on the avatar it takes you to the persons page, and their is a Message button there.

Discourse has all sorts of permissions and such for new users so whether you can or can't may also depend on where it thinks your standing in the forum is.

In any event, I'm glad it is all settled, I know @JMichaelTX didn't mean any offence by it, he's just trying to improve the experience for everyone - it is absolutely guaranteed that someone in a few months will want to ask about uploading a video, and it's better if they can easily find your question and the answer than if they have to ask again.

Absolutely: I met no offense. It was more of a knee jerk reaction on my end, partly becauseI stay away from internet forums and when Ido step a toe in, I find out, there's a universe of rules I'm unaware of; but also, it's partly my investment in writing.

I'll try to find the time to locate the private messaging icon you refer to below - and let JMichael know, I've been watching his the way he deals with people, and only have great respect. (if you have a moment, pls feel free to send him this email.)

By the bye, if you don't mind, may I ask (1) it you blow it and accidentally post the wrong images, like I did for the above macro - and I realized it only after I posted it - is there a way to remove? My macro turned out to be a minor mess as a result of that mistake. I added a 'Correction' post - but don't think that worked.

My other question - and this may be a timing issue (in that I need to spend more time exploring) and that is, while the wiki page, for example, is a clear central place to start from, sometimes I find (please no offense), I wish I had a site to go to that took on the traditional function of a Home page or an index or site map - some central location from which one can easily branch out to specific locations on your site - like, the questions and answers forum, or the macro library or whatever. But perhaps I'm missing something and just keep gettin lost in a maze. If it's a failure on my part (to find to right page) please - if you have a moment, let me know. I appreciate it.

In the mean time, I'll look for Michaels private messaging icon, when I have time, and will create a smooth connection. Not to worry.

You know, it's really amazing: With regard to so much of the work you did over the last 10 or 15 years: I can literally recall - 10 or 15 years ago, thinking - why isn't there a loop function, where is the repeat function, etc etc, And also, later down the road, road, also wondering, why the heck is Apple bringing on Automater when KM is a Goliath as compared to automator (a David).

But it's still here! and it not only has all the things I had hoped for - but more

(Altho, I must admit, I'm still trying to figure out, am i gaining time thru automation, or am I losing time by spending 18 hours daily on Km while my bills go unpaid, my lights go out and my house is going into foreclosure,,,but who cares, I'm having fun, right? Laughing

I just grokked the connection between carefully wording titles and a future newbie more easliy finding the answer t\o that quextion, if the question itself is worded properly, Thanks for the clarification.

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Hey Clint,

Click on an individual's user name in the thread -- in the pop-up dialog is an option to private message them.

In general thread titles are fair game, because as long time moderators we know how to clarify and optimize them for future users to find.

We tend to leave message content alone and ask users to fix it themselves if it needs fixing, but typos and mis-spacing that mangle the meaning of a message may find themselves miraculously repaired.

An example of such (that hasn't been repaired):

It IS a courtesy to inform the user of such things, but the time-energy equation doesn't always allow for it.


(Keyboard Maestro Moderator)

You can edit your post using the Pencil icon at the bottom of the message (or the … icon first and then the Pencil icon). Again, it may be something that is limited depending on your “Trust level” in the forum.

The table on the front page of the wiki is a good place to go for an index to the wiki. The User Manual has its own section and its own table of contents as well. So those would be too places to look.

It's been a long journey. What is amazing to me is the todo list never gets any smaller. I still have hundreds, probably thousands, of items on the todo list.

Brings up the question, can the project continue to grow and develop without you (not to have another Quickeys)?

Thanks for the reply. I'm still learning to navigate the site and find, I miss messages. Peter pointed something out which lit up a light bulb (if I knew how to cc him into this email, I would, but don't know if it's possible or necessary (maybe he reads all messages?).

If a title is worded properly, a future (newbie) user who might be asking the same question (for example, same as mine about uploading vids), can more easily find the answer via search, rather than taking peoples' time. That certainly trumps my need to have make an off-color clint eastwood, live and learn....thx! :):grinning:

I do generally read all (or almost all) of the messages (almost all in that when there is a long topic with multiple posts discussing a problem with folks who know more than I do about the subject (eg JXA or AppleScript or a specific application I don't have), then I'll generally skip the topic.

You can explicitly cc a person by adding @username (eg @Clint). Then it will notify the person that they have been specifically referenced). But no one (not even me, and especially no one else) is obligated to read or respond to posts on the forum. So referencing them is generally rarely used except to reference a previous post (eg “As @Clint said above, …”), or very occasionally to reference a specific person known to be an expert in a field, or me to ask if something is intended behaviour or a bug or a misunderstanding.

Peter, Coupla items below, in blue font, at the end of your comments.