Can not send a simple keystroke to OF3?

Hi All.

I am having all kinds of issues. Restarted the KM9 engine. Uninstalled and reinstalled. I am trying to create a simple macro, Switch to OF3 screen, create a second window (using Opt-cmd/n). When I click open the new Macro in the KM and hit selecta to record the keystroke combo, nothing happens. When I record a macro using the KM9 recorder, it recognized the Simulate keystroke but when I run it does not do anything.

Can you please advice...This is very frustrating. Please keep in mind I am new to KM9.

Thank you


Sorry for the frustration. We've all been there.

It might help if you could say a bit more about what you are trying to do. Are you trying to add a new item to OF3? (I assume that's OmniFocus 3)? Or just bring up the "Quick Entry" window? What's the task that you're trying to accomplish?

It might also help if you posted your macro here too.

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you need the action "Type a Keystroke" after the actions you use to switch screen, then just click in the box and hold the combination you want. I don't know what you mean by 'selecta'? It is similar in practice to how you create a 'hotkey'. I don't use OF3 so can't help you more. @tjluoma is right and we probably need more info and the macro itself. This will tell you how to do that.