Can We Have 4-Digit Years Everywhere?

It’s so disorienting to see “Jan 15” beside a post in mid-February — thinking it’s relatively new — only to discover it’s 6 years old.

Did Y2K teach us nothing?

Pretty please, Board Administrator: enable 4-digit dates.


I agree with this. Especially as new versions of KM often make old methods redundant

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Well I see Jan ‘15 on my screen, which is clearly meant as January 2015

So while I don’t see the need for further digits it would not do any harm either :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, when the two digits are the year, they are preceded by a single quote. That that quote is easy to miss because the forum does not display it like you showed. It looks like this:

So, two digits when it is the day of the month, and four when it is the year would make to very, very easy to read.

Now, whether or not the forum software will allow the site admin, @peternlewis, to make this change is a completely different question.

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I don't believe this is a form setting thing, it is presumably a Discourse thing, so it would presumably be up to the Discourse folks to change this. I'll ask (


Okay, guys – put your money where your mouth is.

Sign up on the Discourse Meta forum (if you haven't already), and like Peter's post about this issue – or otherwise comment.

Comments are better – making a solid case is even better.


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Not on my screen!

Looks like it can be configured. I have made the change (may need to reload your web page).


After clearing cookies and rebooting:

  1. I see the new format when I’m not logged in.
  2. I see the old (2-digit) format when I am logged in.

Any thoughts on why that might be?

Hey Taj,

Have you looked at a page with old posts? Pre-2021?


Yes - I started with this one:

Problem is the same whether I use Safari or Chrome (not tried others...)


This is what I'm seeing:



When I’m logged out I see

But when I’m logged in I see

Yeah, I logged out and back in just for giggles. It didn't make any difference for me.

Did you delete your cached files in addition to cookies?


(This is Google Chrome.)


Well Chris, I’m embarrassed to say I never use Chrome so I installed it just to test and I got the same result as with Safari. I’d already cleared out Safari and rebooted but I assumed there wouldn’t be anything in Chrome. (Safe bet??)...

No need to be embarrassed.

I prefer a number of things about Safari, but I'm hooked on some Chrome-based plug-ins.

I just tried Safari 12.1.2 on my macOS 10.12.6 system and still am seeing the full date, so I'm pretty much at the limit of my suggestions.


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It’s no big deal I guess! I bet when I restart my Mac again tomorrow it will all be perfect :pig2: :flying_saucer: (where’s that flying pig when you need it?)

Cheers Chris

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Thanks, @peternlewis. Looks great!


The fine folks at Hook Productivity were able to accommodate this using the same software. :slight_smile:

Guess you missed the above posts. Peter has fixed the KM Forum.

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