Can We Use Keyboard Maestro to Create a `Lead` Key Like in SpaceLauncher

Hi All,

I generally use Keyboard Maestro for everything I can "natively" :slight_smile:

I came across this nifty tool today called spacelauncher:

There I can use the space key as a leader key (ala vim) and long press space+key to execute commands, i.e.

Spacebar S -> launch Safari
Spacebar N -> launch Notes
Spacebar G -> open a website

Can I mimic this using Keyboard Maestro , ie while space is long pressed bring up a conflict palette or chain another key ?

Thx a lot!


Hey Z,

I think anyone who monkeys with the functionality of normal keys is just asking for trouble, but of course YMMV.

In my opinion it would be better to set up a hotkey of Ctrl-Space or something else easy to hit and bring up a palette, a conflict palette, or just wait for a keystroke.

If you really want the functionality of SpaceLauncher then use it or maybe Karabiner-Elements, otherwise work within Keyboard Maestro's limitations (or put up with clunkiness or worse).


@ccstone is basically right, of course.

But come on Chris :slightly_smiling_face:, you know best that this should work pretty well with @noisneil's Multipress macro, for example.

Space long pressed and held opens a palette (for an action) with single key triggers.

So, space + s = launch Safari.

The real problem is that "space" is typed when the key is released, which causes problems when typing fast. But that's also the case when you do it with Karabiner, or SpaceLauncher, or BTT ...

thx guys, appreciate your time and answers

will explore further


You may want to scope this out: