Cannot dop a simple move to folder

I want to do an extremely simple, no-frills action: move a selected file to a pre-determined, hardcoded path. No validation, no confirmation, just move the file to where I say. I want it this simple because I've got about 2000 pdf files to classify into three folders, so I want to be able to cycle through them fast.

There are a few examples of moving files on the forum but most are way way overkill for what I want to do.

I've tried several versions of the correct path (Use ~ for my home folder, Use Macintosh HD as the root folder, etc.) but none work. I assume it's triggering because the first time I tried to use it, Finder asked for permission to let KM move files.

Move to Mathematics Folder.kmmacros (2.1 KB)

Put the variable token %% in the “move” action of your macro.

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So now my Move line says %% Local__FileToMove. Unfortunately, that didn't help.

no this is what I meant.


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Both those fields are text fields (a little T icon appears when you click in them) -- to use your variable you have to use the token as @RazMastero said. Your "destination" can be text, because you don't need a variable in there, but should either start with either a / for an absolute path starting at the top level of your system drive (ie you don't need Macintosh HD) or a ~ for a path relative to your home directory.

Putting those together, try:

@Nige_S beat me to it, but anyway...

KM displays T, V or C in the top-right corners of input fields to indicate what they expect.

T = text
V = variable
C = calculation

In this case, you'll see a T, because it's a text field, so you need to wrap the variable name as @RazMastero described.

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Thanks to all -- it works.

However, I'm quite disappointed with the results. Each move, be it a single file or a large group of files, is slow. Something like 2 to 5 seconds each. I had envisioned myself being able to hit a key and have the file move quickly.

Maybe this is because I'm working on a Dropbox folder?

Perhaps you'll find AppleScript a bit quicker.

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I love KM and use it for a lot of things. But when it comes to moving or renaming files, I rely on the application "Hazel". It is usually much faster. Of course it means spending more $$. May not be exactly what you need though. :slight_smile:


That's very likely an issue. Test it and see.