Can't paste multiple Clipboard History Switcher items in individual lines

Hi, guys. I'm sorry if this has already been answered. I looked for this solution here in the forum, and only found something that isn't exactly what I'm looking for. Not even sure if there IS a solution, but here it goes:

I usually need to copy a selection of multiple links, and then paste those multiple links in an e-mail to send them all at once to someone else. I do this many times a day.

So what I usually do do is: I copy all the links, open the Clipboard History Switcher, select all 10 links, then I press Enter to place them in the e-mail I am composing. The problem is, instead of pasting each link in a different line, all the text is placed at once. So instead of getting:

I get:


Then what I have to do is manually fix the links, which is a bit time consuming and annoying (although still better than copying/pasting one by one). Do you guys know if there is an easier way of pasting multiple items in different lines instead of all at once?


Maybe this macro will help:

Perfect! That absolutely solved it! Should have asked for help way earlier. Thank you very much.