Can't rename Finder files

Hi guys, not sure what's up, but I'm suddenly unable to perform a basic file rename in the Finder. I get a cocoa error notification (that's cut off in the notification window, so I can't even read the whole thing).

Here's the part of the error I can read:


For Each.kmactions (885 B)

If the "Path" variable is for a file with an extension, then your destination path looks bad to me:
~/Documents/Some file name.txt_2

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What's intrinsically bad about this ? The file move/rename ought not to be hindered by an unconventional file extension.

Oh, but handy tip, @Jack_Brannen: if you hover the mouse over the bottom edge of a macOS notification that has overflowing text content, you can drag it downwards to resize the frame of the notification until all of the text is visible.

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You're right -- system allows it without any problem.

Still, I think that is asking for trouble. But that's just me. LOL

The full text of the error will be in the Engine.log file. Help ➤ Open Logs Folder.

Open the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log in the Console or BBEdit


Hey Jack,

I ran your action verbatim on my system (macOS 10.12.6), and it worked fine.

Make certain the file(s) you're messing with aren't busy.

Try a different folder.

Also try relaunching the Finder.

Opt-Right-Click on the Finder's Dock-icon and select “Relaunch”.


Thanks, all. This is working now for me with no changes.

@ccstone I guess it was a busy file—maybe a Dropbox issue.

@JMichaelTX It was a folder, so no file extension issues.

@CJK @peternlewis Thanks for the tips regarding notifications and the log as well!

@peternlewis Maybe clicking a KM error notification could reveal the log file?

When I have looked before, there was no way for Keyboard Maestro to use Notifications more constructively, but it is possible this very limited use might be possible.

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