Change file attribute to file selected in Finder?

Hello, all: Newb question. I want to change tags on a file selected in Finder. The wiki for Set File Attributes says: "Option-click on the File Chooser button to show the currently selected file in the Finder (assuming it exists already)." But nothing's happening when I do that. How do I get the selected file designated in the "file" slot on the action? Thanks for your patience!

The action:Set File Attribute [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] states:

Click the File Chooser button to the right of the action to select an existing file on disk. Option-click on the File Chooser button to show the currently selected file in the Finder (assuming it exists already).

So, just click on the purple folder icon to select your file.

Once you have a file path in the text box, then an OPT-Click will reveal the file in the Finder.

I think you meant “will reveal”, right?

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I may be missing something here–apologies. I don’t want to set a specific file to run the Set Attributes action on. I want Set Attributes to run on the file selected in Finder by the previous action. In other words:

In an app that has a list of files (Papers), I want to select one file and hit a hotkey. KM then selects that file in the Finder (first step above) and then runs Set Tags on that selected file (second step above).

If this was Automator, the file selected in Finder would just pass through to the next action, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in KM. I’m missing something–what? Is there a way to get the path of the file that’s been selected in Finder, assign it to a variable, and insert the variable in the box in the Set Attributes action?

Thanks for your help!

Assuming that you have previously selected a file in the Finder, then the "For Each Item in Finder Collection" should work:

Does this work for you?


That’s it!–thanks for your help. Plus now I can think of a lot of other things I want to do with that action.