Change / Manipulate the Title of the Display Text in Window

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Is there anyway to remove or change the Title and/or Generic "The text is:" label of the "Display Text in a Window" component?

I can change the rename of the associated action of the object but it doesn't affect the actual title shown in the window.

Is this only possible via a custom script?

Being able to change the background color would be a nice to have as well since I am using rich text in the window and the default white background seems to be unmodifiable but not as much of a concern as the other 2 things.

I was having a issues with resize and position action as the result wasn't consistent so I acquired this plugin created by @Tom that solved that issue with a breeze:

Manipulate a Display Text

Looking at the actual script, I "may" be able to acquire changing the title text with a little modification but that would make it unusable for flexibility.

Basically, no.

The Display Text has no options, in part because it is used as an output in all sorts of places that have no ability to set any options.


I am pleased to be reminded of the existence of this action. I tend to overuse "Prompt for user input"!

Is there any benefit in having "The text is:" appear? Removing that would seem an improvement to me.

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Done for the next version.