Keyboard Maestro 11.0

Keyboard Maestro 11 is out now, adding a New Macro Wizard, new Security preference pane, a keyboardmaestro command line tool, support for Apple Text Recognition, and new actions like Prompt For Snippet, Create Calendar Event, Send Pushover Notification, Select Menu by Name and many more.

Keyboard Maestro is a free upgrade is you purchased from us after March 1, 2023, and a paid upgrade if you purchased before then. Customers will be emailed the upgrade license or discounted upgrade details over the next few days or you can find your details at

Keyboard Maestro is not a subscription, so you are under no obligation to upgrade if the new features do not add value for you.

Version 11 extends the editor by adding a New Macro Wizard and new Security preference pane, and enhanced searching and syncing.

The engine adds a new keyboardmaestro command line tool for triggering macros, modern JavaScript syntax, Apple Text Recognition option, a new palette to show active macro groups, enhanced scripting support, and more.

There is a new Space Changed trigger, and new trigger options for hot keys and device keys. Version 11 also adds support for using modifier taps in Typed String triggers.

There are lots of new actions including Prompt for Snippet, Create Calendar Event, Send Pushover Notification, Set Screen Resolution, Select Menu by Name, Remove Clipboard Flavors, Set Audio Device, Mute Audio Device, Get Location and more.

There are also lots of new options to existing actions, such as waiting for an image to appear and then clicking on it, more actions with progress bars, more options for pressing buttons and finding buttons in application windows, and many more.

There are a whole bunch of new tokens and functions for getting information about web browsers, document paths, application versions, screen resolutions, audio devices, clipboard flavors, and system information.

Plus there are new conditions and new filters and a bunch of minor tweaks and fixes.

Changed in 11.0


  • Added New Macro Wizard to quickly make new macros.
  • Added Security preference pane to sumarise the state and adjust the various system security settings.
  • Added Macro Group synching option to Disable Macro Group on All Macs. (Request: New Group Creation Pref - "Disabled on this Mac" on all CPUs)
  • Report if macros that are deleted are in use by other macros.
  • Added deprecated: search string.
  • Added action:1234 search string.
  • Added word:wombat search string.
  • Show Click Location in Quick Look view of images in Click at Found Image (contstant offsets only).
  • Added “Do Not Ask Again” option to Evaluate Conditions alert.
  • Added link to wiki Preferences in the General preferences settings.
  • Support option-Return in AppleScript script fields to add “¬” character.
  • Support text completion for Path fields.
  • Support macros in AppleScript smart groups. (Feature Request: AppleScript Parity Between Macro Groups and Smart Macro Groups - #4 by ccstone)
  • Added defence warning against the application being moved. (Rogue Amoeba - Under the Microscope » Blog Archive » Avoiding Crashes Caused by Application Moves)
  • Added Find button when deleting a named clipboard that is used by one or more macros.
  • Added Move Action Up/Down menu items.
  • Added support to Press Button action to scan application windows for buttons.
  • Default new Execute JavaScript actions to modern syntax and include no variables.
  • Added live results to the Search & Replace action. (Action live result display)
  • Added or by keyboardmaestro CLI Tool to the Or By Script menu.


  • Added keyboardmaestro command line tool for triggering or editing macros.
  • Added modern JavaScript syntax mode.
  • Added support for limiting variables passed to scripts.
  • Added Apple Text Recognition to OCR options (macOS 10.15+). (Apple Vision OCR instead of Tessaract)
  • Added Active Macro Groups palette to show which groups are active (available via the Help menu or the Status Menu).
  • Simplified Paste "xyz" submenu in the status menu to just display the text.
  • Added an option to include macro icons in the status menu.
  • Added an option to include macro icons in the group status menus.
  • AppleScript do script returns results from the Return action.
  • Execute Macro shortcut returns results from the Return action.
  • Added Blue Topaz theme. (Custom Palette Style Colors? - #28 by BernSh)
  • Request Screen Recording permission if the Pixel Condition is used.
  • Request Contacts permission if the AddressBook token is used.
  • Allow Create Unique File action without an output variable to execute without error.
  • Better detection and reporting of errors in Web Browser actions.
  • Use custom For Each action name in Display Progress title. (For Each Action now has its own Progress Bar KM10 - #8 by tiffle)
  • Added an option to show only Images in the Clipboard History Switcher. (Search/Filter Images only in Clipboard History Switcher)
  • Support Command & Command-Shift Arrows in Spotlight-like windows.
  • Support \ processing in variable token array item separators (eg %Variable%Lines[3]\n%).
  • Limit JavaScriptValue token maximum execution time to half a second.
  • Support arbitrarily large numbers of files dropped on a palette entry. (Increase Maximum Number of Files That Can Be Dropped on a Macro?)
  • Resolve symlinks for Applications (specifically this helps with the move of Safari in Ventura).
  • Removed use of deprecated SecKeychainUnlock et al.
  • Remove the "The text is" (and similar) from the Display Text windows. (Change / Manipulate the Title of the Display Text in Window - #4 by kevinb)
  • Allow Prompt For user Input sliders to return decimals. (Slider keeps rounding my values down - #2 by peternlewis)