Change Request: Macro Upload Name

@peternlewis, I’ve been meaning to request this for some time – it is not KM8 specific.

When we use the Share menu to upload a macro, it gives it a name like this:
Keyboard Maestro 8.0 “<Macro Name>” Macro

I think this obscures the Macro name in the Macro Library section.

My observation is that most users have been removing the “Keyboard Maestro” prefix, and the “Macro” suffix.

So I’d request that you remove them from the auto-upload process via the Share menu.


P.S. Having the versions of KM and macOS would be really helpful. I have a macro that provides this, as in:
Keyboard Maestro 8.0 (8.0) on macOS 10.11.6

If you could include that line in the upload it would be great!
See MACRO: Paste App and OSX Versions


For the next version, I have adjusted the default text for sharing to the forum so look like one of these:

  • Do Something Macro (v8.2.4)
  • Some Group Macros (v8.2.4)
  • Some Group and Other Macros (v8.2.4)
  • Insert Text by Pasting Action (v8.2.4)
  • Actions (v8.2.4)

The version number is important since there is no guarantee that a macro or action will work on older versions (many will, but some won't, and it is basically impossible to know which is which - even I would have to guess in many cases).