Paste App and OSX Versions

MACRO: Paste App and OSX Versions

VER: 1.1 2016-04-27


Paste App and OSX Versions.kmmacros (18 KB)

This macro requires the use of this "sub-macro":
[KM] DELETE List of KM Variables [SUB-MACRO].kmmacros (6.3 KB)

PURPOSE: Pastes Selected App Version (Build) and OSX Version

Example Results:
Keyboard Maestro 7.0.3 (7.0.3) on OSX 10.10.5
Evernote 6.6.1 (453372) on OSX 10.10.5

• Trigger with ";" for selected apps
where "xxx" is the 2 or 3 character appreviation for the app
example: ";" for "Keyboard Maestro"
• Trigger with ";ver" to input name of App
• Note that ALL triggers have a SPACE at the end.

**Technology Background/Details** This macro make good use of two of Keyboard Maestro's powerful features:
  1. Text Expansion
  2. Embedded Scripting (AppleScript in this case)

This is text expansion on steroids! I don't think this could be done with either TextExpander or Typinator, because it does all of the following in only ONE macro:

  • Uses multiple typed strings (sometimes called "abbreviations") to trigger the same basic macro/expansion, but with different results.
  • Uses a nice popup prompt to handle special cases
  • Uses both AppleScript and Shell script.

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All of this was enabled by, and inspired by, a very powerful and compact shell script written by Chris Stone (@ccstone) to get version info for Script Debugger and OSX.

MACRO: Paste App and OSX Versions