Checklist for Upgrading from KM8 to KM9


Checklist for Upgrading from KM8 to KM9

Continuing the discussion from KM9: Macros from previous versions not working:

It has been suggested that we start a checklist logging the issues and fixes that many are incurring when upgrading from KM8 to KM9. So, this is that checklist.

Please post below any issues, and fixes, that you have incurred which happened due to upgrading to KM9.

After we get a good start, I'll use that data to build a table I'll post in this top post, and make it a forum wiki post.

For reference:

KM9 Changes (Whats New List)

Thanks for doing this.

The main thing for me so far was the steps that involve image recognition - steps like "Move and click at (0,0) on centre of found image", things like "Pause until screen contains image" etc.

It's difficult to get details on the fuzziness slider as there is no numeric value, but in KM8, I was achieving bullet-proof image recognition for my needs typically with the fuzziness slider midway between the first two markers (from the left).

In KM9, this wouldn't recognise the images reliably, causing of course all kinds of macro chaos. Typically, to get solid image recognition, I had to move the fuzziness slider further to the right, and more or less on, or just to the left of, the second marker.

In one case so far, I had to move the slider further left to get things working correctly (in a "Find image on screen" step).

So I don't know what's going on here, or a have a formulae to automatically fix affected macros, but if you are experiencing problems with this, certainly doing some tests with the fuzziness slider is a good thing to try.