KM9: Macros from previous versions not working


Is there a checklist for things that used to work in KM8 that aren't working properly, or behave differently in KM9 at all?

I've got some important macros that no longer work properly since upgrading from KM8 to KM9, and I've now got to debug what's going on, so it would be helpful if there were some notes somewhere of known issues to check first.

(These do involve "Click at found image" actions, but I'm not sure yet whether it's this that is causing problems...)

Edit: Ok, it does seem to be the image recognition tolerances that have changed. You also need to know which way to widen the tolerances depending on whether you are looking for an image, or looking for the absence of an image too.

So for others having issues, start with the image tolerances, and widen them (move the the right) when checking for onscreen images...

Edit2: I'm still having other issues and now these macros which were previously solid in KM8 are now unreliable - and I'm sure this will go through to my many other macros, which is a bit frustrating.

I'll probably struggle on with it for a bit, and hope a 9.0.x release will become as reliable as KM8, and if not, then I might have to revert, rather than having to debug and change a large body of existing macros...

Not that I am aware of, but there should be.
I'll start one now so people can add their issues and fixes, and then eventually turn that into a table at the top.

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