Click at Found Image Action - Change Get Button Action

Currently, adding a "Click at Found Image" action and clicking on the "Get" button within the action's settings allows for setting a screen location and changes the action's focus from clicking at a found image to clicking relative to front window's corner.

How about changing the "Get" button's action to pressing command shift 3 and then inserting the resulting screenshot into the image well?

The attachment or a link is missing @BernSh.

Sorry, was editing the post. Man are you on top of things!!! Thanks!!!!

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It is the curiosity to discover new :nerd_face:

Joy/thrill of discovery (I'm hooked on this) or finding ways to make something happen (man, I'm need this all the time) or both or...

Also, would be happy to share the iOS shortcut but don't know how to as this forum won't upload it. An Apple employee shared it with me, it brings up a nicely sorted list of Apple links and I played with it to bring up a few KM links instead.

You mean a Siri shortcut? If you insert it into a blank iMessage via the Share menu (iOS), you can copy the link and paste it into your post here.

I don't know if I got that right. Do you just want to get the screenshot automatically inserted into the Click at Founf Image action or the mouse coordinates? So both?

Here is my macro that I use to insert the screenshot:

Click Image.kmmacros (31,5 KB)

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Just insert screenshot as your macro provides perfectly. :pray:t3:.

My request of Peter is to reprogram the “Get” button within the action itself to do what your macro eloquently adds. The “Click at found image” action looks like it’s the Click and Move Mouse action with different options preselected and if that’s the case then why not finish it (resource costs I’d guess) with resetting the “Get” button to fit the action’s intent, correct me if I’m misunderstanding the “Get” button usage in this case.

Your macro makes this request more a tweak then need. Thanks again :smiley:.

The Get will only get the position of the mouse. It cannot get the image because it has no idea how large to make the image.

An argument could be made that it should be disabled if the relative location is an image.

I thought the Get button in this context initiates a sequence like switching back to the previous app, initiate a screenshot, wait for the user making the selection, then import the selection with perhaps an option to crop the screenshot before importing.

Disabling or hiding the button makes sense.

@appleianer's Click Image.kmmacros does everything I'm asking for.

Thanks for responding :pray:. I'll mark this complete.

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That's brilliant! This would have saved me some time last night :wink: But I'm sure will be very useful in the future.

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Thank you @DJLunacy, but the brilliant thing here is the software "Keyboard Maestro" :wink:

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