Click Image not working in Adobe InDesign

Hello Maestros. In Adobe InDesign there is no way to assign a shortcut to the Align Left, Align Right buttons (you can do it with just about everything else), so enter KM to the rescue. Or at least, that's what I thought. For some reason KM doesn't recognize the button icons in the Click Image action. Every time I get a failure error that it could not find the image. So, I have switched to using the exact coordinates, but this has the problem of not working when I change the size of the application window, which I do from time to time when viewing several apps at the same time. Any idea why this is happening? Is this a limitation of KM with InDesign? All help appreciated.

I don't have InDesign so I can't test, but I can see that you chose the option "Unique" in that action. So I suspect that the action is failing because it's not finding a "unique" copy of that image. I.e., it's finding multiple copies. Since it doesn't know which one to press, it fails. If this is the case, you need to find a unique image to click on. There are ways to do this, but I'd probably need to see a screenshot of the app to help with that.

Another possible cause of this problem is how did you get that image into that image box. If you explain how you did it, that may also shed light on a different cause.

Another possible explanation, similar to the first, is that the image itself is being detected twice because the action itself remains on the screen when it's also in the app. If you hide the KM Editor before triggering the action, that could fix the problem.

Hello Airy and thank you for the response.
I have already tried all of the options regarding Best, Unique, Topmost, etc... and none work. I have also adjusted the fuzzy slider to see if that could find the image, but no go.
There are two possible images that can be found in the app as I have it set (see attached image), one is at the top and the other is in a sidebar (in red). They both trigger the same action.
My method for putting it into the image box: I captured the image with a screenshot, copied it in Preview (Mac), and pasted it into the action image box. This has worked in the past for me, but for some unknown reason it doesn't want to work with InDesign 2024. Yes, I do Hide KM before triggering an action in any specific app.

I found, years ago, that when you copy an image into Preview, then copy it back, the image can't be "found" by Find Image because Preview changed the DPI of the image. I also read that you said "this worked for you in the past" but it remains my only suspect at this time. What I recommend that you try is take a screenshot and, without using Preview, immediately drag the screenshot (which appears in the lower right corner of your screen if you can't changed that feature) into the KM Action where you have it.

If I'm right we can all have a dance. If I'm wrong then I've lost a little of my reputation with Find Image.

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I always just take the screenshots to the clipboard (hold down the control key), then paste directly into the image well in KM.

If the window is always the same size—or if the button is always at the same spot relative to the top left corner of the window, you could click at the offset from the top left corner.

If that's not true, you could move the window to a fixed size and location, then click at what will always be the same spot in the window, then move it back when done. A bit visually jarring, but it should definitely work (assuming you can move the Adobe window with KM):


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Thank you for this Airy! I did as you suggested and dragged the screenshot from the desktop to the image box in KM and it did work! So it is worthy of a dance. Lesson learned.

One thing I had to change was setting it to Best and "in the Front Window" because it was jumping to the image in the KM window when I pressed the hot key.

Thanks again for the kind help. It is greatly appreciated.

That is a great tip, Rob. Worked like a charm. Thank you!

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You're welcome. The whole DPI issue is a curse. I don't fully understand it. But I use Find Image a lot.

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