Clickable list of Capture One styles

Hello, I am fairly new to KM scripting, although I have been using it for years in a basic way.

I am using Capture One to post-process my photos, and Capture One allows one to define styles: a style saves all the settings that have been applied to a photo, to be reused later for other photos. The problem is that the style list can only be accessed through menus/submenus, i.e. not in a very efficient manner. It would be marvelous to have a palette listing all the styles I have defined.

In practical terms:

  • The styles live as files with a .costyle extension, located in a specific subfolder of the Application Support/Capture One folder. I can list these files with KM. The name of the file can be the same as the name of the style (plus the .costyle extension).
  • Then, to apply a style, one would have to invoke a menu item of the same name (a sub/sub/submenu actually).

How could I make a palette presenting a clickable list of the styles?

Any hint would be much appreciated.

Here's one approach:

Create a Macro Group, named (for example) "Capture One Palette"

  • Active only for Capture One app
  • Shows/hides a pallet when:

Here's an example I use for Evernote:

EDIT: 2017-02-06 8:08 PM CT
I have now uploaded the below Macro Group and Macros.
See Evernote Table Palette Group & Macros.

###Display of Palette

###Macro Group Setup

Then, create one macro for each style you want, and assign a simple trigger, preferably one character (with or without a modifier key).
Each macro will use the "Select Menu" Action, set for the specific menu tree you need for the style:

###Example "Select Menu" using Evernote:

###Macros in the Evernote Palette Group

###Example Macro

Hopefully this will get you started.
Feel free to ask any follow-up  questions.

Thanks a lot! I could do someting like this.

The drawback is that I would need to define a macro myself for each style. Whereas what I would like to do is:

  • to show a palette listing the styles, as found in the styles folder of Capture One (each file there corresponds to a style), - and then when clicking on a style in the palette, call the menu item of the same name in Capture One.

All this without explicitely creating a macro for each style. Otherwise, if I create a new style (or delete one), I would have to create/delete the corresponding macro each time.

Is there a way to automatically create a macro corresponding to each of the files listed in the folder? All macros would be built in the same manner, simply call a menu item of the same name as the file.


I think I am on the right track now. Using code inspired by Create Text Expansion From Selection Macro’ “Create Text Expansion From Selection Macro” (Peter Lewis), I think I can now create macros “on the fly” based on the files I find in the styles folder of Capture One.

Working on this…

Thanks Peter for this marvelous tool!

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Here's another approach, much simpler, and should show all Styles you have currently defined.

  • Use one Macro that shows the App menu just above the list of Styles
  • Trigger this macro, and all you have to do is select the Style you want
  • You can select the Style by:
    • Typing the Style Name (often just the first character is enough)
    • Using the assigned shortcut that is shown
    • Use the arrow keys
  • On the Style is selected (highlighted), you can apply by pressing either the RETURN or SPACE key.

###Example, Using Evernote


The above was displayed using this macro:

Will this work for you?

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Thanks! It does work very well.
I think I prefer the palette approach, I’ll implement both and compare in actual usage.

What a marvelously adaptable program!