Clicking on multiple buttons in the browser (Chrome)

Hi everyone!

I'm (very!) new to KBM, and I would really appreciate your help, even just some pointers on what macros to use.

What I'd like to do:

  • In Chrome, click on a series of button one after the other (namely, I want to connect with people on Linkedin) After clicking on a button, scroll / move cursor to click on the next one


What I've tried:

  • Click at found image macro – it works fine for one button, the first one, but doesn't let me do repeated clicks. Shall I have the same macro multiple times? Will it find the next button on the page and click it?

  • Click front browser link – inspected the button, found its class and tried that, but here again, it only targets and clicks on a specific button

Would be super grateful for anyone taking a look at the above and letting me know what the best approach is :slight_smile:


Hey @sanpe,

This might get you started.


Hey Chris,

Thanks a lot for sharing that helpful article! I didn't know about the 'if then else' macro!

Essentially, the flow on Linkedin is, after clicking 'Connect', a popup opens and you need to click 'Send now'.

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So I tried the following using the article you sent me:


I added the connect button in the first 'Found image' macro (this works fine: it finds and clicks the button) and the 'Send now' button in the if else macro.

Not sure this part is correct: 'If the last action result is ok'

I assumed this would trigger the 'Found image' macro for the Send button after finding the Connect button, but I get the following error: 'Macro cancelled, no unique image found'. Does it have to do with the 'Send now' button being in a modal?

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Many thanks,