Clipboard history lagging

I suffer from lagging Clipboard history action. Whenever I press the shortcut to show the Clipboard History Switcher it takes roughly 2 seconds to show up. Compare this to Alfred (offering similar things but not good support for rich content) which is almost instantaneous (less than half a second).

Is anybody experiencing the same issue? Is there a setting I can tune to get rid of the lag?

PS: I mentioned this in an old post: Keyboard Maestro hotkeys are slightly laggy vs. System Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts But that one seems to be a slightly different issue and I didn't get any response there.

This is a known issue with the KM Clipboard History Switcher.
If you have a number of very large clipboards, or a lot of small-medium image clipboards, it will slow down.

The only workaround for now is to:

  1. Delete the large Clipboards
  2. Reduce the number of Clipboards to < 200
  3. Minimize the storage of images

@peternlewis, here's another case that supports changing of the Clipboard History to read ONLY the first few (<10) clipboards when it is triggered, and to read others only as needed.

It caches things already and applies a whole bunch of other strategies. Reading only the fist few entries does not produce a good result as the total heigh of the clipboards is then unknown and the scroll list bounces around as it is updated.

Seems like that is easily fixed by using a fixed size, but resizable, Clipper window.
This is pretty standard approach to paging large amounts of data.