Clipboard History Switcher merge command in reverse order

I like the new merge command (⌘C) in the Clipboard Switcher but I have a feature request about its behavior:
a second shortcut (maybe ⌥⌘C ?) to merge multiple clipboards in reverse order.

When I read an article and take a few excerpts I end up with the first excerpt in the last position and tha last excerpt (from the article end) at the top of CHS.
Now if I merge the clipboards the excerpts will be in reverse order with respect to their position in the article.

Merging the clipboards in bottom to top order will restore the correct order of the copied material.

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This might give you some inspiration:

Otherwise, a forum search with “clipboard reverse” may help.


Sorry, only saw later that you were referring to KM 9 features. So my link and my search recommendations are outdated.

I agree, that would be very useful. Until then, perhaps you can use this macro:

Thanks! I'll give it a try.