Close window red button of Keyboard Maestro


As Pyxis mentionned it in a post from Aug 6 (The close window red button of Keyboard Maestro is not like Quickeys which would not quit entirely)
would it be possible that the Red Button of the KBM window functions as the large majority of Apple's applications:
the red button closes the window but doesn't close the application itself.
IMHO i'ts very annoying that KBM Red Button close the application (without confirmation).

Thanks in advance.

What would the benefit/advantage be of not closing the application, or a confirmation before closing? I just responded to @Pyxis post with some info that might be helpful to you as well.


Hi Chris.
Thanks for your very fast response.
As you imagine I can't agree with you :wink:
One of the strengths of Apple Products and particularly in Mac OS is the standardization of the interface (unlike Windows and Linux).

The KBM implementation of the red button goes against that.
As a consequence, it becomes very annoying when, just as Pyxis, I'm regularly close KBM by inadvertance when testing a macro.

Beside the fact that the "team is just one person", I don't see any consideration against that :wink:
Could it be so difficult to change that function ???

But, no panic, KBM remains the best tool installed on my Mac and I thank you for that.
I just hope that in the future ...

How are you accidentally clicking the Close Window button? Seems like something that would be quite hard to accidentally do.

I click the red button to close the window indeed,
but I don't want to close the program ...

I think the most practical solution is to train yourself out of that habit and hide the app instead of closing it. Either that or use one of the various ways of quickly opening it when it is closed.

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:slightly_frowning_face: ... not so practical

More practical than waiting for Peter to change the window behaviour, which (and I'm gong to stick my neck out here) he probably isn't going to do.

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@Filou I don't know if this helps, and I'm not even sure I understand your problem correctly ... but to avoid that unintentionally clicking on the red button in KM does something you don't want, you can set an action in BTT, which blocks everything. So clicking there does nothing. This forces you to close the KM window with ⌘+q.

If you don't know BTT (BetterTouchTool), you can try it 45 days for free.

thanks for your help.
I'll try it.