The close window red button of Keyboard Maestro is not like Quickeys which would not quit entirely

I need to pay much much attention to avoid accidentally clicking the close window red button of Keyboard Maestro which is completely not like Quickeys editor that even close the editor window it still works in background without relaunching. if this is not my problem, I really hope Keyboard Maestro team would fix it better to cope with our needs.

beside the interface is not so straightforward as quickeys. one typical example is the New Trigger which needs double click to enter the input shortcut keypress.

but good thing Keyboard Maestro do better than Quickeys is that the shortcut can be available right after set up. in Quickeys 3, I need to close the shortcut edit window to let it works.

The Keyboard Maestro Editor’s only purpose is to create and edit macros. Even if you close the application completely, the Keyboard Maestro Engine is still running in the background. So there’s really no advantage to leaving the Editor running except to be able to access it more quickly when you need to create or edit a macro.

The "team” consists of one person, @peternlewis, who is great about taking into consideration user’s questions and concerns. But since it is just him, understandably he can’t accommodate every request. :wink:


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This might come off harsh and I'm really not trying to be harsh. The bottom line is Keyboard Maestro is NOT QuicKeys.

You will frustrate yourself comparing every detail of how the two applications differ. Move on. Then and only then will Keyboard Maestro get a fair shake and work better for you. Complaining about the differences does no good. Now if you have constructive ways in which Keyboard Maestro can improve, please document them and send them to

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I'm pretty sure @pyxis posted something elsewhere and his confusion was resolved.

Closing the Keyboard Maestro editor does not quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine so @pyxis was definitely confused as to what was happening.

You can and maybe even should in general quit the Keyboard Maestro editor (by ⌘Q or by closing the editor window) whenever you are not editing your macros. The Keyboard Maestro Engine will continue running and processing your macros.

See the Quick Start for more information.