Cmd-Down-Arrow Closes Finder Window

I have a simple macro and it starts with a keystroke CMD+Arrow Down to open a file.


What I noticed is that when I go back to Finder, the window I was at is gone and now I have to go back and open it again.

Is this some kind of bug?

This is a classic example of why we need to see your whole macro and not just a portion of it.

My guess is that you're using a keyboard shortcut that includes the Option key, and the aggregate keystrokes are closing your Finder window.


Indeed (ctrl+option+cmd+B). What's the issue with using Option? I'm not aware of that.
What do you mean by "aggregate keystrokes" and why is this whole thing closing the Finder window at all? Can you clarify?

Cmd-↓ in the Finder is equivalent to Cmd-O. Holding down Option at the same time will instruct Finder to close the window afterwards.*

It looks as though it was a good call by @ccstone without much to go on.

@iamdannywyatt, this is explained under:
How Do I Get The Best Answer in the Shortest Time to Questions on the KM Forum? as linked from the pinned post Getting Started with Keyboard Maestro and the Forum.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

* If you select a file, hold down the option key and look under "File" again, you will see that "Open" has been replaced with "Open and close window".

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Given @ccstone's awesome troubleshooting (great catch, Chris!) -- the quick solution would be to start your macro with a "Pause until...", conditional on the Option key being released.

Indeed, if you are using keystroke actions at the top of a macro it might be a good idea to pause until all trigger keys are released -- does anyone do that as a matter of course?


I don't do that as a matter of course, because it introduces an unnecessary delay. I do it in my macros for launching/switching to some specific applications, such as iTunes, which would otherwise prompt for a library on launch if it detected that I was holding the Option key down.

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