Getting Started with Keyboard Maestro and the Forum

Welcome to the Keyboard Maestro forum, designed to help our users at all levels of technical proficiency.

Keyboard Maestro is one of the best Mac automation tools available, and this forum is one of the best and friendliest forums on the Internet.

Whenever you reach a tough stumbling block trying to use Keyboard Maestro, please feel free to post your question/problem here for help.

Getting Started with Keyboard Maestro

  1. Read the Quick Start.
  2. Read Getting Starting with Keyboard Maestro.
  3. Use the built in Tutorial (menu Help -> Tutorial) to create your first macro.

Getting the Most from the Forum

  1. Read the topic Tip: How Do I Get The Best Answer in the Shortest Time?
  2. Read How to Post/Upload your Macros and Scripts.
  3. Set Your Forum Preferences in Your User Profile (need to write).
  4. Set Your Email Preferences for Forum Notifications (need to write).
  5. Read the Code of Conduct (need to write -- based on TidBITS -- ccstone).

Getting the Most from Keyboard Maestro

  1. Take a look at the Keyboard Maestro web site.
  2. Read the user manual.
  3. Read the Keyboard Maestro Wiki.
  4. Watch the many YouTube videos.
  5. Consider enrolling in David Spark’s Keyboard Maestro Field Guide.
  6. Ask a question on this forum - we are always happy to help.
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