Coloured items in macro palettes

I have this neat palette that is popped up whenever a certain dialogue box is opened. It would be great if I could group and colour the different items, for quicker identification.

Is there any way to do this?

Hey Hans,

Look at these threads for some ideas:

MACRO: Renumber Macro Prefix Numbers

MACRO: Palette Organizer

Custom pallete

There's a lot of discussion about palettes on the forum, so you can search further if desired.


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Hello Chris,

Thanks for the useful links with the impressive examples.

Perhaps (I'm not sure) the easiest way to identify the belonging to a group is by colour (instead of icons etc.)?

There us no way to color specific macros in a palette.

There are a number of options:

  • you can use the icons
  • you can use separators (eg "-")
  • You can use emoji colored characters in your names

For example:


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I like these emojis, thanks Peter!

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It feels like adding an emoji at the beginning of a Keyboard Maestro macro, when in a palette, makes it only selectable by clicking on it.


For example, adding a "Cmd symbol" (not sure the name is right) to the first macro makes I only can launch the macro by clicking on it with my mouse or my trackpad.

Is it a normal/intended behaviour?

Sure. If there isn't a key that Keyboard Maestro thinks you can reasonably type, then it wont highlight it.

How would you type the ⌘ character anyway?

It makes sense. But couldn't the first A of AA be highlighted ?

Anything is possible I suppose, but that's not how it works, it differentiates at a specific position.