Combine images in Preview into Single PDF

I’ve been using KM for a while, but mainly macros that others have kindly shared.
I have a repetitive task where I essentially need to select a group of .jpgs in a folder, open them in Preview (preferably ordered by timestamp) and then export them as a single PDF document.
Any tips, or has someone already written a macro I could adapt?
Thank you,

Hi Paul

See below. This macro will solve this for you.
But you need ImageMagick installed.
I have installed through Homebrew. Homebrew requires that Xcode is installed.
So first install homebrew from this link: http://brew.sh1
Then run the command brew install ImageMagick in terminal.

Keyboard Maestro “Convert folder of jpgs to pdf” Macro

Convert folder of jpgs to pdf.kmmacros (6.3 KB)


Thanks Jimmy - I really appreciate your help.

I will give it a go.