Command Hot Keys Not Working in Global Palette


I am on KM 9.0 and the latest MacOS.

I am trying to learn how to call hotkey combos from KM, that I have already setup in other apps so that I may call these same key combos in a KM Window Palette for mouse access to them.

First, I have set up F15 to create a new note in Bear app. (

Works great. Now I want KM to “fire off” F15 when I press the “Bear Hot Key” item in my KM Window palette.

So far I did this:

Turn off my F15 in Bear app temporarily. (This is so it does not conflict with KM)

Then I create a new macro that looks like this:

It’s one item that says “Type a Keystroke” which in my case was F15.

Then, in the “gear” menu I chose to send the keystroke to “Bear”.

(I have tried Finder etc. but I do not see a Global setting which is what I probably need.)

I also left the default “press and release” on.


So then I went back to Bear app and turned on the hotkey again.

Tested from the Finder. Pressed F15

It works.

Now I pressed “bear hot key” in the palette and all I here is a bonk.


It does not create a new note in Bear as it should when F15 is pressed.

All I hear is a bonk sound effect.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.


I don't think I should have to do this, but I did, and now it works in the round about way:

Has code smell to me though...

Hey @keyskeys,

Sending keystrokes to background applications is a very iffy proposition – there are times when they do work, but you have to test to find out.

Does Bear not have a global keystroke for creating a new note? Yes, I see it does.

So. That's easy – no sending to background-app is required, because the hotkey in question is a global one.

The appended macro works perfectly for me every time on macOS 10.12.6 with Keyboard Maestro 9.0.1.


Download: Global -- Bear -- New Note v1.0.kmmacros
      (5.1 KB, KM 9.0.1)

Thank you.

But I must have a deeper issue or some conflict I am not aware of with these keys. I downloaded your macro but I just got a beep.

I may change the F15 to something else later on to see if its a key conflict.