Stream Deck! Or Why Keyboard Maestro 9 just became "the most expensive upgrade ever" *

The only advantage of the mobile app is that the icons are going to be beautiful and pixel perfect. Unfortunately, it's a subscription base :frowning:

Um, so, I read the documentation of KM on Stream Deck and it seems to only works if the USB detects Stream Deck key. Will this work with the Mobile version "wirelessly" then? :thinking: I will try it this weekend since they gave a 3-day trial free.

Edit: got home and tried the trial..

  1. setting up is easy. Download the Mac Stream Deck software, click on the "Add iPhone" in the software and then take a photo of the QRCode from your iPhone and they are paired.

  2. the iPhone stay powered on and does not go to sleep - that's a good thing.

  3. the icons shown on the iPhone is "ugly":

I may be nit picking but look at the Mail icon and the KM icon - the rainbow in the latter is jagged and pixelated. Both are icons which are available as default from Stream Deck. Things icon is my own doing - I captured a screenshot from the website and saved as PNG. It is blur. Unfortunately, I cannot select from Application icon.

I think in the actual Stream Deck hardware, this might be fine because the hardware is smaller and its further away from you on the desk. On the iPhone though, with the sharp and bright screen, it's very obvious.

  1. Installed a KM plugin and you can drag the KM button to the Stream Deck

  2. Seems to work pretty easy enough:


Also, base on the App Store updates, the app was updated 3 months ago. I think it's probably safe to say that the updates may not be as frequent.

An alternative would be a Siri shortcut in conjunction with the iOS App Launcher @cherry:


here I open the app Cryptomator on my Mac, log in and the corresponding Finder window is opened
You can set up the icons individually. You can also (for 6,- € per version) create as many launcher by themes as you like. Folders inside the launcher are also possible.

You can start any KM macro from your iPhone. Of course you can start any Siri shortcut without a touch on the iPhone via "Hey Siri". Another advantage would be :wink:


Hey, I bought Launcher app many years ago and forgot about it! I’ll take a deeper look at it later. Thanks.

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If you need help with the SSH script in the Siri shortcut @cherry, please contact me.

In my example, it assumed that you were connected to the iPhone & Mac in the same Wifi/Hotspot. You can also trigger KM macros via a Siri - Cloud - shortcut.

Here's an example of how I unlock my Mac's via Touch or Hey Siri:

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I too am very interested in StreamDeck now that KM 9 supports it. Problem is that my combo keys are not working. These combo keys would eventually be a StreamDeck key.

But sadly, I can not even get it to work in a Global Palette (and my KM is super simple!)


Tried the mobile version, for me having an iPhone turned sidesways, and plugged in all the time and not seated as well as the StreamDeck, for me, it was too much cognitive overload.

If I get this combo key working then I will probably go the hardware StreamDeck route.

Man oh man the combo of KM and StreamDeck is nice!

just spent the last day getting up and running. does everything I hoped it would so far.

now wondering if I should have bought the 32 key instead of 15 LOL!

although with profiles and folders in stream deck I get way more then 15 keys.


Well, I bought the 6-key and then the 15-key. I found the 6 very cramped but my blog post detailed how I worked round that. The 15 doesn’t feel cramped but I could do with some "organising space"...

... I’ve heard the 32 is less well built, which puts me off (as does the price).

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I contacted el gato.

They said two 15 keys will work on the same machine and the keys for each can be mapped to different actions. Have not tried but good to know. Maybe I need one for my left hand now :wink:

(the current is above my mouse and I am right handed.)

There are a lot of notes from them, basically they both have to be plugged into the Mac itself. seems these things eat up the USB bus so they need to be direct connected.

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I haven't seen the 15-key in person, but the 32-key seems solid enough to me,

The only part I don't like is that the unit is in two pieces - 1) the screen and 2) the stand. On the desk, they fit together fine, but if you carry it anywhere, you have to be aware of both pieces.

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15 also is two pieces - the stand and the device itself.

I found a pouch from somewhere else to put both pieces in for when I travel. I don’t think Elgato thought through that aspect, but this is a minor criticism.

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Someone help me.

El Gato just updated their Stream Deck software to allow a button on one stream deck to switch the profile on a second one!

So I bought a 32 key Streak Deck XL today and tried pressing a key from my 15 key Stream Deck and..... its like that scene in 2001 a space odyssey.... 32 keys.. + the leftover keys on my 15 Keyes PER PROFILE...

My god. its full of buttons!



I'm going to try to forget that I ever ready this.



The screen on the 32key is dimmer but sharper. and the build quality is better then my 15 key. Not saying the 15key is bad BTW.

Just that the 32 feels very solid.

4.4.1 update to the software seems to be more stable than 4.4.0 was reported to be. (Because of warnings on Reddit I didn’t go to 4.4.0.)

And 4.4.1 release notes didn’t say why there was a 4.4.1.

So remember how I mentioned that StreamDeck now allows for two decks on one Mac?

And that you can call profiles from one to the other...

Well I had a 15key and a 32key. So I would call up the Xcode profile from the 15 and I would get 32 wonderful keys of shortcuts on the 32key.

Until I ran out of room on the 32key, saw the El gato Black Friday special and bought another 32key and sent my 15key to my MacBook.

So pressing on the Xcode button in the right one will open up the Xcode profile on the 32keys on left, AND switch to the Xcode profile on the right 32key resulting in 63 (1 to go back to default profile) of Xcode shortcuts.

I never would have thought I would get so addicted to StreamDecks, but I suffer from hot key fatigue. I can't remember squat anymore. is it command control F14 to do X is is command shit 9 to do that?

Who knows, who cares, now all my hot keys are on the two stream decks above my keyboard and I could not be happier.

For those that have not considered a Stream Deck, especially programmers, you need to check out how much more productive a stream deck and keyboard maestro can make you.


Damn... just got the 32 key to go with the 15... I notice the different colors. 32 key is noticeably yellower. I suspect I'll suffer thru it :slight_smile:

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I would let them know you are are not satisfied either way. I hate to see a great product like Stream Deck go down this road for future products.:frowning:


Do you mean that 1 key in the 15key will call a 32key profile and then pressing another key in the 15key to call up another set of 32key? That means, you essentially have 15*32 = 480 keys!

Or 15 applications, each application has 32 other keys! OMG!

I Have a 6 key and a 15. 15 goes to my right and 6 to the left.

15 is used for permanent automations. 6 is used for temporary ones. Though I could use part of it to switch the 15 - as described here.

A reasonable compromise?