[Comment] What I love most about KM

The single thing I love most about KM is that editor changes do not require any kind of Save or even clicking somewhere else to automatically save (as, if I remember right, QuicKeys did). My second, and related, favorite thing is its thorough implementation of Undo. I am making this comment because although I am repeatedly astounded by KM’s quality, enormous range of features, interface elegance, and much else, every once in a while I notice what I don’t have to notice — that I don’t have to save and I can always undo. Very powerful.


The Undo is truly outstanding, I agree. You can even undo Imports. Really great.

It’s true that there are so many good things about KM that I take for granted. Take a bow, @peternlewis!


FYI, you can set the “undo stack size” with…

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor MaximumUndoSize -int 200000000

where 200000000 (=200MB) seems to be the default. Source: Wiki.


Generally, no one should ever have to do this - basically I have one customer who has an enormous macro file and for them this was an issue. For everyone else who restarts their Mac at least once a year (or quits the editor of course), I doubt you’d ever hit this as a problem.

BTW, if you do quit the editor, you lose your undo history, however you still have the dated revisions in the File ➤ Revert Macros menu to go back to previous times, which you can use to go back, copy/export a macro, and then revert back to as it was and then import the lost/damaged macro.

We have seen that Display Text in a Window actions —for example used as Macro documentation— quickly can become pretty huge, when there is base64 image data embedded.

200MB sounds like a lot, but if your macro contains just one Display Text action with 15MB, the max. number of undos is already down to 13. Is my math right?

Yes, you basically start hitting the issue if you are storing images in your Keyboard Maestro macros.