Constant ask for access and beach ball pauses since Sonoma upgrade

Since upgrading to Sonoma, I get the query "Keyboard Maestro would like to access data from other apps" every few minutes. Although I always click "Allow", the query keeps coming back.

In addition, anytime I change anything within a macro, I get a spinning beach for 5-10 seconds.

I have tried archiving all my macros before deleting them along with their folders, also deleting all my variables. Both of the problems still exist even with this blank canvas. I could potentially delete and reinstall KM but I'm not sure if it will break the UUIDs for the macros I re-enable/install.

What are some possible next steps to troubleshoot?

This is KM 10.2.

If you use 1Password, try disabling 1Password’s spotlight and third-party integration in its Advanced settings. I've seen a few folks report similar issues which turned out to be some weird corruption in that third-party support (and maybe that's related to the Sonoma access permission request).

Generally if that resolves it, you can then turn the option back on without issue - I think some sort of file gets weirdly corrupted.

I don't know how you pulled that out but that was it!!! KM was snappy again for me for the first time in [months/years]..

I get this prompt about once a day. It doesn't beachball but it's equally annoying. When the prompt appears my Wacom tablet gets disabled - presumably a security measure - and I have to open my MacBook out of clamshell and use its trackpad to accept.

I have "full-disk access" enabled for KM. 1Password has never been installed on this system.