Control Fluid with browser actions


I use the Fluid app for a time registration website my work uses.
Because then it does not close, when I quit Safari.

It seems to use Webkit/Safari as the browser. And sometimes I miss the ability to target this browser the same way I can with Safari in KM.

Has anybody else use Fluid?

@peternlewis: And is it possible to add Fluid in the webbrowser actions?

Why do you quit Safari?

Does it support AppleScript? AppleScript support for running JavaScript within the web page is the most important requirement.

Sorry. My question was poorly written.

In Safari I normally have lots of other tabs/windows open. I use Fluid to make a single-site-browser for our timetracking-system.
Right now I have a macro, which just activates the single-site-browser. But I would like to automate some of the work with putting entries into it.
I can right-click an element and choose Inspect element. And it looks like the Safari Inspector.
Which is why I think it uses Webkit as the rendering engine.

As with regards to AppleScript, then it seems to support it. I just opened the dictionary for the app for our timetracking called "".

Is there a way I can maybe make some actions which targets Safari and look in the engine log or elsewhere to see what the AppleScript KM executes? So I can reuse it with the target being "".

Well, if it supports AppleScript / JavaScript access, then you can probably do them. I’m not sure Keyboard Maestro will support them directly any time soon, but at least there is the option to use an Execute AppleScript action to perform the tasks.

Yes, but I miss the excellent way to target a textfield from KM :slight_smile:

But I will try. Thanks for the help.

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