Controlling Fluid apps with front browser actions for Javascript

I wish to do something similar to this but for javascript not AppleScript.

It is spendlid that Front Browser Actions work with :

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Brave

Unfortunately, I get an erorr when trying with :

  • Fluid App site specific browser
  • firefox

This is the message I see when using firefox :

I'm not aware of any suitable "Allow Javascript.." permissions in or Firefox

I wish Todd Ditchendorf was a member of this forum; I could do with his expertise as it's probably beyond the scope of this forum

cc: @JimmyHartington

Before posting, I looked at other threads. One @deanashton suggests

codesign --remove-signature

for a similar problem.

I'm minded to try it

Could I just paste it into a Terminal window? I'm on macOS 13.5.2 so I'm not sure if the Sep2018 idea will also work here.

Firefox does not, as far as I am aware, support executing JavaScript via AppleScript, so you will not be able to use Keyboard Maestro actions to control it that way.

Firefox does not count as a “front browser”, so even with it at the front, the “front browser” for Keyboard Maestro will be the most recently used Safari-like or Chrome-like browser, probably in this case Safari, which you have not enabled the Allow JavaScript from AppleEvents facility, hence the error message.

I don't know whether FluidApp supports AppleEvents in a Chrome-like or Safari-like way.

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oh you\re right, it doesn't work on Firefox. That's fine, Chrome and Safari and Brave is good enough!

(Thanks for explaining about apple events & that Fluid would need to support it.)

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