Copy multiple images and paste sequentially in evernote

I would like to be able to review documents, take multiple snapshots and paste all the snapshots sequentially in an evernote note.
None of the copy paste apps I use seem to be able to do this. With text, there would be no problem. The problem seems to be dealing with multiple images. All apps can only deal with one image at a time.
If necessary, instead of going directly to evernote, I could accept going through Yoink as an intermediate step
thanks very much for your time and help

My macro handles both images and text -- whatever is on the clipboard:
Paste In Order Copied -- Macro Set

This demos show pasting images into TextEdit, but I also tested it with Evernote, and it worked fine:

  1. Paste Images into Text Edit

Of course, the Paste macro depends on use of the Copy macro, which keeps track of how many copies (clipboards) you have made. So you may need to adjust your snapshot workflow to increment the KM Variable DND_CAP__NumCB, something like this:


The KM Variable DND_CAP__NumCB is set to zero by the Paste Macro, when it finishes.

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fantastic !!!
thank you so much for your explanation, the macro and the video !
it's very kind of you

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