Copy URLs from Google Search Engine Results Page

I’m having difficulty writing part of a macro that copies the 10 URLs from a Google Search Engine Results page and then pastes the copied URLs into a spreadsheet. I can’t figure out how to copy/scrape just the URLs for each listing on Google’s results page. Any suggestions?

Hey Zcardais,

You don't mention what browser and what spreadsheet you're using.

This is written for Safari:

Run from an Execute an AppleScript action, and send the result to the clipboard.

Execute AppleScript { Text Script }.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

Further automation may be possible depending upon your spreadsheet software.

Running just the JavaScript from an Execute JavaScript in Safari action:

Execute a JavaScript in Safari copy.kmmacros (2.4 KB)

*Xpath JavaScript by @ComplexPoint.


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Thanks very much.

I’m using google chrome and excel 2016 for Mac.


Zach C.

Hey Zach,

The AppleScript for Chrome is:

set javascriptStr to "(function () {
  var xpathResults = document.evaluate('//*[@class=\\'r\\']/a', document, null, 0, null),
  nodeList = [],

  while (oNode = xpathResults.iterateNext()) {

  return nodeList.join('\\n');


tell application "Google Chrome"
  set linkList to execute active tab of front window javascript javascriptStr
end tell

if linkList ≠ "" then
  set AppleScript's text item delimiters to linefeed
  set linkList to linkList as text
  error "No links were found! "
end if

You can directly transplant the JavaScript from the Safari action to an Execute a JavaScript in Google Chrome action.

Excel is pretty scriptable, but the reports on Office 2016 are that scripting is still a bit flakey.

I have no intention of upgrading unless/until this is resolved.

NOTE: All Google Chrome actions are run via AppleScript under-the-hood, and Chrome’s AppleScript support can be flakey at times. If you experience problems the first thing to try when troubleshooting is to quit and restart Chrome.


Chris, many thanks for sharing this macro/script.
Based on your script, I've created this full featured macro that works with both Safari and Chrome, and provides options for output.