Copying a subfolder and pasting in same location

I’m sure this is easy to do but I can’t find it on this forum

I have a folder Called ZOO and in that folder is subfolder called ANIMALS

I want to create a copy of ANIMALS folder and place it in the same sub directory of ANIMALS.

I know that it will name it ANIMALS copy 1 … But that’s fine.

I want to use keyboard command of control+R

I am using an Apple iMac



If I understand your request correctly, you don’t need KM.
The standard Finder Copy/Paste should work file:

  1. Open the Finder to the “Zoo” folder that contains “Animals”
  2. Click on the “Animals” folder, and press ⌘C; then press ⌘V
  3. It will create a new folder in “Zoo” named “Animals copy”.

Of course, you could create a KM macro to do this, which is triggered by ⌃R
Just use the “Copy” and “Paste” Actions of KM.

Easier with ⌘D (“Duplicate”).

@leehawa, if it’s that what you want, then you can simply assign ⌃R to the Duplicate command.
The shortcuts are in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. Click the “+” button to add a new one:

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Thanks, Tom.

It’s amazing what one can learn in this forum. :smile:
I didn’t know about the Finder Duplicate command after all these years of using the finder.

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Thank you

You are sooooo helpful


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