Copying Files From Library Directory to Master Directory

Hi All,

I'm finding KM a fantastic piece of software however I'm really struggling with this use case. Would anyone be able and happy to help?

I have two directories:

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 13.42.48

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 13.42.52

Please notice the SEPARATOR CHARACTER “_” in the library of images directory.

The file naming format in the LIBRARY OF IMAGE DIRECTORY IS AS FOLLOWS:


What does the macro need to do?

It needs to read the FileName in the LIBRARY OF IMAGES DIRECTORY and copy that image (in the LIBRARY OF IMAGES DIRECTORY) to the same folder in the MASTER DIRECTORY.

When loading the macro, I need to:

  1. Choose the MASTER DIRECTORY
  4. Click GO

Once complete, the MASTER DIRECTORY will look as follows:
Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 13.42.57

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This can get quite involved, so I appreciate your struggle figuring out an approach. And, in fact, it isn't entirely clear to me what you're up to beyond reorganizing image files. But you seem to have a clear idea of what you are starting from and where you want to go, so I'm going to recommend Exiftool as a one-line solution.

I just published a piece on this topic (Using Exiftool as an Image Organizer) you might find helpful. It shows how to conditionally move or copy images based on any criteria into existing or new directories using nothing more than Exiftool. Which, BTW, can be embedded into an Execute Shell Script action if you need to use the command often.

Hope that helps a bit.

Hey Greg,

Welcome to the forum!   :smile:

I think you haven't described your task in enough detail for us to be able to offer cogent advice.

Eyeballing your images doesn’t give me enough of an idea of how they correspond.

It would be helpful too if you described briefly the what and why of your task.

If you haven't seen these they're worth a moment of your time:

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