Create an iTunes song info window with Custom HTML Prompt

As a way to teach myself more about Keyboard Maestro in general—and Custom HTML Prompts in particular—I wrote a little iTunes song info panel. When called, it shows album artwork (or a placeholder for missing artwork), and the song's title, album, and artist. The final result looks like this:

The macro uses AppleScript and the Custom HTML Prompt feature, and it works reasonably well. If you've been curious about Custom HTML Prompts, this might help with your learning.

Here's the full writeup; I welcome any improvements if you see ways this could work more efficiently.



Very nice! I didn’t read the writeup thoroughly, but it looks well-presented.

As a Custom HTML Prompt enthusiast myself, I love what you’ve done. The prompt looks great! And the HTML is clean and simple. Fantastic job! I’m sure if I had created that, I’d have a bunch of unnecessary garbage in there, so I truly appreciate how clean yours is.


Hi - Awesome macro! Can you update this post for to get it to work in iTunes 12.9? Everything works, except the cover art isn't being displayed.

The path to cover art is this correct:
/Users/NAMEHERE/Music/iTunes/Album Artwork/


It's working fine for me in iTunes in Mojave. I wouldn't recommend keeping the album art file in the iTunes folder, though. I have mine pointing to the system-defined temporary folder, so it gets wiped regularly:

set albumFile to (":Volumes:" & ( path to temporary items folder from user domain as string ) & "KMiTunesCover" & albumExt)


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Thanks - I was able to get it to work!