Custom menu bar icon [SOLVED]

Is it possible to have a different icon for the KM too menu bar when a macro is running?
I have the rotating icon but that's not very clear to me. I want something that is super obvious when a macro is running, for example I want to use a red version of the KM icon.

Is this possible?

Absolutely, and there's even an entire forum category dedicated to custom menu bar icons:
Status Menu Icons - Keyboard Maestro Discourse.

@JimmyHartington's Red Growing Circle is one distinctly red option, but there are also other options there making it very obvious when a macro is running or not.


Thank you so much!
I did mine and will be sharing it on that section of the forum. It's really just a simple option with a static red background. No animation, but it works for me. Maybe other will like it as well.

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Do you by any chance know how to remove some from the list?
I imported a few (mine and from other people) and I don't want them there anymore:


EDIT: Never mind. Found it!
~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Status Menu Icons

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Look in your user's Library → Application Support → Keyboard Maestro folder, and you'll see a folder named Status Menu Icons. Remove the ones you don't want (KM Editor can be running; no need to quit and relaunch it.)


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Yeah after I posted that I found it and even edited my reply with the path at the bottom (maybe you skipped that part).
Just a quick search in Finder for one of the icons name was enough to find the path :slight_smile: