Deactivate Macro group Not working


The Deactivate Mac group function seems not working. I also tried Activate/Deactivate, it does not work either.
I’m using the latest version of KM, 8.1.1, on MacOS 10.13.3
Any help appreciated.


Sorry. I think it was activated and deactivated.
I did not see any difference in appearance. But in effect, the activation and deactivation functions do work.


Ok. I think it is working. But the “Display toggle” function does not work properly.
Most of the time it won’t display.
This might be a bug?


Better late than never!

I am just learning about this action now- and as far as I can tell when you are just using "Activate/Deactivate macro group" what is actually happening is that the triggers for the macros in that group are being turned on and off. So if your not using palettes there is no visible sign of whether or not a macro group has been de/activated. Which is a little bit confusing I think, but it works anyhow.

In regards the "display toggle" function, I think that only comes up if there has been a state change from active to deactive or vice versa.


Actually, that is incorrect. Macro triggers are not changed in any way.

Macro Group, and Macro, activation can be a confusing topic.
See Macro Activation .