Delete or change recorded quick macro?

I've recorded a macro using "Record Quick Macro". I'm done with it now. Is there some way to delete it so that what I assigned to it as the trigger (eg. Ctrl-F1) no longer triggers it?

I understand I can record something else over it, but that's kind of a hack/workaround isn't it, when what I really want to do is just remove it completely?

I looked in the manual and these forums to see if this is covered. Can't find anything. Perhaps a feature request/suggestion: update the manual to reflect the answer to this? :wink:

I don't know if this will help or not.

You can import the quick macro using this: MACRO: Import Quick Macro. Then you can edit it all you want, and assign it a hot key.

The playback of the Quick Macro always plays back whatever you last recorded - it behaves like the System Clipboard in this respect. There is always something recorded. You can, as you note, record nothing, and that would “clear” it.

Normally there is never any need to delete it. If it includes sensitive data, or lots of clicks that might be dangerous out of context, then by all means record a replacement that does nothing. But that is a rare situation.

@DanThomas and @peternlewis Sorry for my delayed reply to this.

Thanks for the responses. Makes sense, and Peter, your answer resolves the issue/question as asked.

Dan your response is indeed helpful - it answers a related question I also had but hadn't asked yet. Now I don't need to ask it!

So... Thanks!