Determining if Clipboard History Switcher is open

Hello All,

I am trying to figure out a BETTER way of checking to see if the Clipboard History Switcher is already open/at-front. There is only 1 way that I know of to test this (explained below).

I have a macro setup for my mouse's middle-click that will pull up the history switcher OR if it is already open will paste the selected item (keystroke: enter).

My 'work-around': IF/THEN like so:

IF (any of the following are true) This screen: [Found Image Condition] contains

(at ~50% precision) in all screens execute the following actions

My 'middle-click' Macro:

If anyone knows of a different, better way of checking if the Clipboard History Switcher is activated please let me know. My work-around does work but is quite a hack, and can be slow (especially when system is under load). It seems like since the Clipboard History Switcher is built-in to KM there would be an easier way of determining this.

I have tried all of the "obvious" methods I could think of: "Is macro 'Activiate Clipboard History Switcher' active" & "Is front window title (or does it contain) 'Clipboard History Switcher' ..." etc. but none seem to work.