Determining which macro is going rogue and debugging it

I added/edited several new macros over the weekend.

Since then, sometimes this is happening:


Counter keeps growing until I kill KM's process and my bluetooth trackpad behaves weirdly for a long time even after I do that.

How can I determine which of the macros is causing this?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Try opening the KM Engine log, found under KM's Help menu, and see if that doesn't reveal which macro(s) have been misbehaving:


Will try that out, thanks!

Hey @orsini,

Here's how to make that painless:

If you don't have BBEdit then please install it, because even if you don't eventually buy BBEdit (commercial) the BBEdit-Lite (free) version it reverts to after a 30 day demo is seriously powerful and very scriptable.

Open the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log in the Console or BBEdit


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Hey @orsini,

A couple more things:

A) Look in the “Cancel” menu of the Keyboard Maestro Status menu in the menu bar, and see what's actually running.

B) Make sure you have a kill-all-macros macro with a keyboard shortcut you remember.

See these threads:


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This is almost always the Allow JavaScript From Apple Events issue.

Not absolutely always, but by far the most common cause of massive numbers of notifications.

Thanks everyone. This community is amazingly responsive and informative.

Peter, your hunch is correct, this is related to a browser action after all:

My guess is that it doesn't fail gracefully if it doesn't find the button...

Its not the button, it is the Wait For Browser to Finish Loading action. It is spinning checking the page loaded status, which includes a JavaScript request which fails until you enable Allow JavaScript From Apple Events, hence the large number of notifications (all of which are telling you to enable that permission.

Got it. Really helpful, thanks!

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