Difference between Group enable/disable vs. activate/deactivate

Hi, I have the following problem with a macro, that flips a state in variable, then switches the group and finally shows the result:

Macro: “modeswitch”

  1. Disable group ‘A’
  2. Hide a palette that indicated that state ‘A’
  3. Enable group ‘B’
  4. Show a palette tht indicates that state ‘B’

Now the problem:

The palette in step 4. shows only for a little moment and than disapears.

If I ‘deactive’ instead of ‘disable’ the group, than the palette persists.


Can somebody explain me the difference between disabling and deactivating a group?

Is there an explanation why the pallete disapears with ‘disabling/enabling’ of groups?

Thank you.

The primary difference between enable/disable and activate/deactivate is that the former is a semi-permanent, editor visible, syncable change. The latter is a transient change, a change of state of the engine.

Essentially, the concept of Enable/Disable stems from enabling and disabling groups/macros/actions in the editor, while the concept of activate/deactivate stems from macro groups being active or not in a specific application.

The reason for the different behaviour described probably relates to the macro reloading that will occur in an enable/disable case (especially if the editor is running).

Thank you very much for this explanation.
As a side note: Maybe this could added to the manual?.
Regards Ben